Most mares give birth without difficulties.

But would you know what to do in an emergency?


Whether you are a single mare owner, waiting for your first foal,

or an experienced foaling attendant,

there will be something in this guide for you.


























Now you can help your mare foal safely...

Waiting for a foal to arrive can be a daunting prospect.


The Foaling Guide will give you the information you need to approach the event with confidence.

On average 1 in 20 births present a major problem. The knowledge of how to deal with these problems is now available to you in the Foaling Guide.

This is a downloadable book, which means you can have it within minutes.



With The Foaling Guide you will:


understand the normal process of foaling and spot when things go wrong.

learn when, and how, you should help  - and when you should not.

know 16 complications of  foaling and how to deal with them.

find out the best time to send the mare to stud.

learn how the mare's nutritional needs change during pregnancy.

know what you must have ready for when your mare foals.

find out what you can do to prepare for the birth.

know the signs that tell you foaling is imminent.

learn how to make your own foaling prediction kit at a fraction of the cost of commercial kits.

find out about different foaling alarms and how they work.

learn how to care for the mare after the foal is born.

know how to care for the new born foal.

learn what to look out for during the foal's first few days.

Hello. My  name is Mark Andrews.

I’m a veterinarian and publisher of  Equine Science Update.

I have written this practical guide to foaling to tell you

what to expect, what can go wrong, and what to do about it if it does.

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